At Carollo Management Services we provide a Variety of Management Services to take the hassle out of your Real Estate Investment. We can tailor our management agreements to suit your needs. We can handle every aspect of your property management needs or just certain aspects. Whether you need someone to do just your bookeeping or just handle the maintenance of your property, Carollo Management Services is available to help.

Some of our Property Management Services include but are not limited to:

  • Filling your Property Vacancies with Qualified Tenants by running a National Credit Report,
       Eviction Search, Sex Offender Check and Criminal Background Check.
  • Maintenance of accurate and complete accounting records.
  • Cooperation with the owners’ accountants’ attorneys and other professionals.
  • Sending relevant tax data to all owners/tenant-shareholders relevant.
  • Continuation of proper insurance coverage.
  • Entering and maintaining of contracts for building services.
  • Maintaining the property in optimal condition.
  • Carollo Management will assist in lead paint abatement which includes hiring a licensed trained professional to aid in the removal of lead paint and lead contaminated dust following all NYC Rules and Regulations.
  • Monthly inspections of property for fire safety; check entrance door(s)/hallways, corridors, basement, and exterior of building for potential hazards to insure building safety.
  • Hiring, paying, and supervision of all persons necessary to be employed.
  • Purchase of all supplies necessary to operate.
  • Carollo Management will provide assistance in cleanouts and estate sales.
  • Coordination with tenants to comply with rules and regulations, as: move-in/move-out procedures, construction, delivery and subletting procedures.
  • Under a new NYC law, New York City requires One to Four family dwellings where neither the owner nor any family member occupies the dwelling to register with HPD. Owners must renew their building's registration annually. Carollo Management will handle all aspects of registering your property with HPD including sending all necessary paperwork and yearly registration requirements. For more information please visit NYC Residential Building:
  • Direct Deposit of monthly funds into your bank account.
  • For rent stabilized and rent controlled units annual rent registration with NYSHCR, and MBR Registration.